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School, Nintendo DS and random conspiracy theory

Today I arrived at school and I was met by big signs poiting out our classes’ pigeon holes said “NEW SCHEDULES!” So I go and check the pigeon hole and there they were. As if my schedule wasn’t bad enough before, now they’ve managed to remove my possibility of sleeping in more than one hour every single day. I also do not get out of school early a single day, but rather I have at least one hole of at least 2 hours 45 hours every day. It’s like they say down, looked at my study plan and asked themselves: “How can we make life as bad as possible for this guy without adding more lessons? Because we’re not letting him off this easy!”

My Schedule

Anyways, this might not be as annoying as it would be before, as I’ve recently received a Nintendo DS from KashmirZ as an early birthday present (much <3). I ordered Mario Kart DS yesterday on eBay, which I should be getting within 4-8 days. Wi-Fi ftw is all I can say. 

Everyone should get these things – the possibilities of how you can expand these things are almost endless. What I want next is a DS version of TeamSpeak, I don’t think it could get much cooler than that. If they’d just make Wi-Fi more common, phones would be useless, although I’m sure all the major phone companies have sent several death threats to Sony and Nintendo not to develop this any further. I mean, when you think about it it’s really sad how many discoveries probably won’t be put to any use because it’s not currently good for business. I bet a lot of the “omfg scientist have recently discovered a way to blah blargh blaaah” stuff was actually discovered 30 years ago, but the companies behind them had just been working on a way to make profit from it and to replace their own technology which would be outdated with this new discovery.

So anyways, that’s probably my first real blog post right there, although written in two breaks of about 10-20 minutes. GG. This is pretty fun.

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  1. August 29, 2006 at 16:09

    Yeh that blows…
    And totally with the scientists wtf.. why are we still running on oil!

  2. August 29, 2006 at 17:30

    Now you just need a flash cartridge!


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