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Fevers blow

So yeah, I rarely get sick, but some bacteria pwned my throat, and now I have a fever. I’ve been spending my time with Ultima Online, Zero Hour, GTA – San Andreas and Pokémon Yellow.

Yeah, you read correctly. Basically I was getting all excited about the upcoming Pokémon Diamond/Pearl coming out for the DS early 2007. It has Wi-Fi support, so you can trade, duel and even TALK online with anyone, it’s going to be awesome to do it in the TS community. But so anyways, I mentioned this to Zordar, who in his turn started to remind me of the good old days in like 5th and 6th grade where we would battle it out with our Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellows for hours. Basically, a great sense of nostalgia gripped me, and I had to play it again. So I started a new game (obviously saving all my uber l33t level 100 (non-rare candied) Pokémon to my Stadium first) and now I have 3 badges already.

In Ultima Online, the guild has merged with Adam Shadow’s old guild and we’ll soon be a force to be reckoned with on the server. I’ve been doing some hunting and training carpentry and archery while we’re waiting for Adam to set things up. It’s going to be pretty sweet…

In other news, Blind Guardian’s new album A Twist in the Myth is to come out on Monday it seems, which is most certainly going to PWN. There’s also a good chance that I’ll have my Mario Kart DS and maybe my Wi-Fi USB adapter on Monday or Tuesday so I can finally play with Anti-Camper, Hagios, L33tfella and all the other TS guys.

Hrugnir signing off

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