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The Return of the Black Death

And so the autumn comes with all its new game releases. Recently aquired games include CivCity Rome, Company of Heroes, Faces of War, Splinter Cell Trilogy (199 SEK or $24, woot!) and Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault.

It feels so good to finally leave MMORPGs behind me, and probably forever for that matter. I’ve finally come to realise that MMORPGs are slowly killing all of gaming culture today. Each week I see more and more people succumb to the horrible plague that is World of Warcraft. Those who don’t play it are mainly people who are too poor to afford the monthly fee, or people who are already too addicted in an even shittier MMO.

I really hope there will come a point where people will realise that they are playing the same stupid quests, doing the same instances over and over and paying hundreds of dollars per year for it. That gaming once was about skill, about fun and about fair play. Not about paying a chinese gold farmer to give you enough money to buy a purple-lettered item on the auction house so you can do even more damage with your stupid rogue against people 20 levels below you who have literally no chance of beating you.

The concept of Massive Multiplayer Online games is great, but when you add an RPG element to such games, it automatically starts using the formula time and money invested = successfulness. Like I read in PC Gamer a few days ago, MMOs take 30 hours of gameplay and drags it out over hundreds of hours to make more money. If World of Warcraft was a single player game with 50-60 hours of gameplay, it might have been a good game, but the multiplayer aspect of the game is really quite unneccesary.

To leave that sorrowful subject, I can happily tell you that I’ve been playing a lot of Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow and Chaos Theory lately. Both the Co-op and the Versus modes are absolutely fantastic. There’s not many more satisfying things than sneaking up on a heavily armed opponent and breaking their neck and then sneaking away again successfully. I also got Faces of War, the multiplayer demo is great in itself. It’s like an RTS where you can directly control certain units, and the shooting range of your units actually make sense. You can put a sniper in a tower and he’ll be able to shoot over the entire screen, but not if there are objects obstructing the bullet’s path. Beautiful.

I also tried Company of Heroes, but apparently random people are expected to get ridiculous lag problems over hamachi, and the online play is a joke in itself. Oh well. I’ll play the single player campaign, but a game with such a shitty netcode isn’t getting my money. I’ll buy it the day I’ll actually be able to play it online.

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  1. Danoli3
    October 5, 2006 at 11:07

    Dont forget 2142 out in 11 days!!!!!

    + the Demo Tommorrow!!!

  2. MaxDamage
    October 5, 2006 at 11:16

    aye MMO’s are the devil >:]

  3. October 5, 2006 at 19:50


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