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My brother-in-law Samuel recently gave me an album and an EP by Eluveitie from his mp3 shop. AT first I just listened to maybe one or two songs, but two days ago I decided to listen through the album. WOW. I love Folk Metal, and it’s even cooler when they sing over half of their songs in Helvetic Gaelic!

On the album, there’s bass, drums, guitars and…

* fiddles
* Irish flute
* tin whistle, low whistle
* bass-shalm
* bass-crumhorn
* gaita (celtiberian bagpipe)
* uilleann pipe (Irish bagpipe)
* hurdygurdy
* accordion
* 10-stringed mandola
* accoustic guitar
* bodhrán

That’s right, hurdygurdy and metal. Check out their page here. On Spirit, the best songs in my opinion are Uis Elveti and The Endless Knot, but every song on that album has amazing parts in them.

I’ve recently realised that I mostly like music with somewhat of an archaic sound in them. Be it folk/viking metal, classical music or a nursery rhyme, I always manage to fall in love with the melodies who have roots going back to before the 20th century. Back to before the world was so mechanic, stale and so close to its end.

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