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Ashes to ashes, dust to dust

Yesterday I went with my “Ethical and Existential Questions” class on a field trip to the St Anna’s Chapel next to the graveyard. A guy came and explained how different burials normally go about, and then we went into the cremation chamber and saw a coffin which was going to be cremated later, and then we got to see some already burned ashes, as well as the refined version. Some girl in the class fainted, and soon we left the building.

Now we’re supposed to write some kind of paper on all of this, and I’m not really sure what I’m supposed to write. I can write that it was interesting seeing the ashes or something and that I didn’t know they had to refine the ashes after cremation, but that’s about it. I could also write something about why I’m not really scared of death and why I think other people are.

I finally did my presentation about the afterlife last week by the way. Went pretty well, considering I barely wrote anything and just really spoke off the top of my head. I also showed the poll from the PP forums and talked about how interesting it is that in the West people are afraid of nothingness which they think will happen after death if they are atheist/agnostic, while in the East people are actually longing for nothingness if they are Buddhist/Hindus.

Oh well. I’ll make an update when I’ve written the task.

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