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Game Over

November 9, 2006 Leave a comment

Once again my Individual programme in school makes information like “everyone in third grade is gone so all third-grade lessons are cancelled today” go past my ears because every teacher assumes that another teacher tells you that.

But at least that enables me to do another blog update. Episode 12. A long wait, there’s been two UK meets and a thousand and one e-dramas in the community since Episode 11, but it’s here, and it was worth every month of the wait, because it’s 46 minutes and 8 seconds of absolute pwnage! ;D

A lot of story, denwO appearance, an awesome dog, lots of humour, Kyle’s face and super-extra extended credits even to the point where I’m included ;o

Also, a guy in my English class (which I would be in right now as well if everyone wasn’t in Gothenburg which I didn’t know about) this Tuesday saw my – i pwn n00bs – hoodie and said “So why don’t you have the bandana as well?”. It took me a few seconds to get it, and then we started discussing Pure Pwnage.  I’m starting to wonder just how many people in this town have seen the show – probably at least 33% of the males in the 16-20 demographic (lol).

Now I’m looking forward to the fan chat. Not the actual moderating of it, but rather discussing the show with Geoff and Jarett instead of Kyle and Jeremy.

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