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Back in school…

…and hence the blogging becomes way more regular ;P

Many bored hours in the computer lab, meaning many blog updates ;P

 What’s going on right now is that I ordered a shitload of stuff online, including my Wii, which either already arrived or comes like tomorrow.  I can’t pick it up until tomorrow anyways, so yeah… I also ordered a Creative Zen Vision M, which I would link if this wasn’t the laggiest computer known to man. I also already got my Razer Diamondback Salamander Red (<3), and ordered a PP mousemat to go with it. Also, Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin for the DS, Multiplayer portable RPG goodness (for about $35, way cheap than you’d ever get it for here).

 So yeah. Since the debate section was launched, I’m a lot more active on the forums, a section I can check regularly without getting bored ;

My quest for knocking MMORPGs down from the top of my Xfire list is going great! As you may have already noticed, WoW is no longer at the top, thanks to 2 hors of shameless stat farming of UO, lol. 50 more hours of Zero Hour, though, and that’s at the top instead! ;D

 So yeah, maybe there’ll be more updates later today, I’ll see ❤

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