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Got it yesterday. It pwns. It PWNS! I played it for about 10 hours straight after I got it, first for a few hours with my neighbour, then with my dad (I need to train in tennis, he beat me twice…) and then alone playing with the Wii browser and some other stuff. I love my Wii ;D

My Wii code: 1887372691017334

Add me, I made an awesome Hrugnir Mii ;D

Now I just need to get some more games for it, gotta continue checking eBay for cheap Wii games… I’m thinking about Red Steel (dun care what dem bitches say, I know I’ll love it ;P) or Rayman Raving Rabbids for the Multiplayer… Or something entirely different.  I don’t know yet.

Speaking of eBay though, it’s really addictive. You start realising that everything can be found cheaper on eBay if you just get the right deals, and because the auctions start low and gradually go up, you might not even notice if the price goes above what it goes for in stores… I think I actually spent an extra 20 SEK or so buying my Nunchuk from the US, in fact.

Oh well, I’ll stop ranting now. Going to continue seeing Der Untergang in History class in a few minutes. Yeah, that german movie about Hitler and co’s last days in the bunker. It’s interesting, but I’m going to struggle not to fall asleep after staying up playing with my Wii all night… 😉

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  1. Zooloo
    January 11, 2007 at 01:26

    Bah! You’re making blog posts again. ;P

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