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Just came back from my Ethics/Philosophy/Existentialism/Whatever lesson, and some group did Baruch Spinoza (nice first name though 😉 and Kirkegaard. Basically, the discussion with both was about determinism vs free will and choice. No one else but me and the teacher wanted to actually reflect and discuss, like usual. I wish people would actually dare to think about these things, I don’t get it.

Anyways, it seems almost all philosophers touch this, and even though they don’t state it, I think most have come to the conclusion that while our surroundings may be bound by fate or whatever, we all have a free world of thought. As long as people admit that, I’m fine with anything they may believe. But pure reductionists, materialists and determinists just blow my mind. To actually think that we have no choice in any matter whatsoever is just a thought that even if it was true, I would choose not to believe in. It’s just so absurd and against everything that I’ve been told, that I’ve seen or experienced, ever.

My favourite philosophers have been and still are Kant and Kirkegaard. If you don’t count Jesus, who my teacher quoted totally out of context in class, although it still kind of made sense. Heh. Yogurt pwns.

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