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Beyond the Call of Duty

Ahh, finally a real discussion in my Ethics class. We just discussed for like 45 minutes about what a good action is, and if an act of duty is the only good thing in the world. My teacher obviously still both hints to Buddha, but also to Jesus. He already knows my opinion about Buddha and Buddhism, but he’s trying to convince me that he was trying to say the same thing as Jesus, basically.

And maybe he was. Maybe he wasn’t. But as everyone knows, Buddha’s ACTUAL teachings got very distorted, and Buddhism became a religion of egocentric worship of nothingness, where feelings are taught to be a sign of weakness, and where we must stop every sign of empathy etc and just end up kinda sliding by everything in the world.

Fuck, I hate Buddhism ;/

Uhm. Where was I? Oh, yeah. Basically my class is starting to discuss things more now, and I think a lot of people haven’t even really touched this area in their minds to any serious extent before. It’s nice to see them reason, to be honest.

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