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Sex and Gender

So today, instead of Ethics, all the 2nd graders (that’s 11th grade in American terms, or 17-year olds) had to to listen to this lecture about Gender perspectives, and that included me (even though I overslept the first one, and sneaked in on the second one since I didn’t have any lessons then anyways).

Basically there were 2 women at the front, and like 300 students looking at them. They talked for about 90 minutes about how gender, the norms society have on us depending on our sexes, determines way too much. I had already thought about most of these things, but it still raises a lot of questions in your head – how much of what women and men do in their lives are determined by nurture, rather than nature?

Interestingly enough, it seems most people who study about these things are female, which is kind of ironic. Because, as they said, both guys and girls are affected by the generalisations that come with gender. While girls are more affected by it in how they are treated at work, men are affected by it in their everyday relations. There’s nothing really stopping girls from doing things classically male, like playing with cars, or playing games.

But if guys wear pink (a colour I hate personally, because it’s so associated with the overly girly in life), or talk about emotions and feelings, or do other typically “girly” things, it’s slightly more ‘gay’. What is ‘gay’, anyways? Is it simply a reaction from the warped gender roles in our society, an attempt for people who feel they are trapped within their set gender roles to break free? And I thought that it was supposed to be accepted to be gay in our super awesome metro-post-modern 21st century, but yet there’s something that cries out and thinks something is wrong when a man talks about actually loving someone rather than saying “I’d tap that”? It’s a very confused age we live in. And in the end we don’t really need to change much, except our mindsets.

I really do think everyone should consider this, why we let our personalities be shaped by what this global peer-pressure turn us into. I don’t think men should walk with handbags tomorrow because of this, I simply think people should be free their lives to a much larger extent.

In the end, I also want to say that we’re not Tabula Rasa when we’re born, we’re not just empty shells with a penis or a vagina, there are both things in the body and the soul that decides who we will become, which generally differs depending on our sex, but that should be something that we should be allowed to discover ourselves.

Thank God she’s not female and that he’s not male, at least. That’d make for a lot more confusion ;P

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  1. January 24, 2007 at 12:57


  2. Yael
    January 24, 2007 at 15:04

    Like I’ve told you, I mostly agree, about society’s perspective on what the stereotype of each gender’s should be – it’s wrong and deceiving.
    THOUGH, as I said, there are some things I don’t agree with; for example, some things that flatter one person, could be insulting to other, like what happnened to me at school today, when I walked in a skirt that was a little showing (but wore tights, since I’m too self conscious to not do so.) and walked throught the school’s lab, then all of a sudden, boys started flirting with me.
    Most girls would find that rather flattering, but the fact that these guys don’t like me for who I am, but the way I looked, insulted me.
    So if a guy that usually talks to me and usually pays attention to me, comes up and say ‘wow, you look gorgeous today!’ – that’s alright, but when they just look at you for your physical features? That irritates me a little.

    I agree about the fact that guys can’t wear pink shirt/girls can’t play video games – without being seen as weird. THOUGH, in here it’s better – people take the fact that I play video games in the right way, and boys even appreciate it.

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