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February 26, 2007 5 comments

So now I’m back in school again. Same stuff as usual – gotta finish my history assignment though, but after that I think it’s pretty much back to normal again. Gottta get myself a job, but none-the-less I’m booking my tickets to Israel any day now – and then it’s basically a countdown for me until the end of March, when all the cool stuff starts happening: Endtime Festival, Easter Conference and then off to see the awesomest girl I know 🙂

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I really shouldn’t be writing blog updates at 05.00, this isn’t healthy

February 18, 2007 3 comments

But yet I am. Yael complained about me not updating my blog for weeks, so I decided to write one now, before I go to bed. What’s been going on in my life lately? Well, uhm, if Yael’s going to be the only one reading this, then I wouldn’t really need to say this, but others (like my sisters) might want to know that I’ve gotten to know a certain amazing girl who I will visit in April, with a pretty high certaintly.

Other than that? Right now, my life kind of centers around the above, but I suppose I could also mention that “Sportlov” (not the black metal band, the vacation) is upon us. Yet here I am in an empty House, while my parents are in LuleĂ„, partly because I need to try to get a job and finish my History assignment during the upcoming week… Not that I give a damned, because I can play music loud, sing and scream, bring the Wii into my computer room etc – all while on TS and talking to the awesomest person on Earth. I can’t say I have any problems with being alone, tbh ;P

So yeah, that’s a blog update. Now I don’t have to make one for DAYS! ;P

Nah, I’ll probably make another after I’ve been at the Grottcon Yearly meeting thing, where I’ll be playing Wii 4 players and such, this Tuesday.

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Know thy enemy

February 5, 2007 Leave a comment

I found something to read to last me for the rest of today, or so ;P

Conspiracy theories concerning ancient mysteries, mythology, all kinds of religion, politics, history, Nazism and the Ark of the Covenant are BOUND to be good I’ll update this post later today ;P

I googled “atlantis nephilim” to get that page, btw 🙂 While listening to Bal-Sagoth – Atlantis Ascendant.


Home, read the page a little, and like always, you’ll never find a website with the full truth about everything. These conspiracy people normally get a bit up their own theological asses and pretend they know everything, and forget to look at the big picture. Still, better to talk about it than to not talk at all.

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