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Världens Modernaste Land – Reflections on being Swedish

March 10, 2007 1 comment

I’ve always loved philosophy, history, and anything that shows me deeper and more clearly who we are. Now, I’ve already used my dear poor Yael as a filter for some of this, even though she’s currently asleep, and she’ll have like a rant to wake up to, even though I know she might actually enjoy it, unlike a lot of people. Anyways, I still have quite a few things I’ve reflected on after watching this show, called “Världens modernaste land” that aired on television this winter. Now, I don’t watch TV, as some of you might know, I think it’s too passive, and I prefer to choose what I watch. So I downloaded it. Very Swedish of me, right?

Anyways, I just finished watching, and it seems I can summarize Swedishness as being individualistic, shy, modern and both nationalistic and un-nationalistic at the same time. Oh, and one of the best words to describe us: Uncertain. It’s quite interesting really.

Either way, even after watching this, I still really want to live in Sweden. I’ll always love travelling abroad, seeing other places, being friends with other people, because I need something else. We’re very proud of our country, how it works – probably simply *because it works*. Other cultures complain and say that we’re too content about the way things are – but while it’s never good to be content (which I can’t say we really are), I think it’s not that much better of a sign that French people have to make huge public statements like setting cars on fire. I think, for several reasons, that we’ve been allowed to actually develop our country to the extent where our country works very well. Say what you want, and I don’t think there’s some genetical to this (look at Germany, they are closely related, yet their culture and history kinda sucks in my opinion), but simply circumstantial. We managed to build our country from being one of the poorest throughout the industrial revolution, stayed out of two world wars, while the others were recovering, we were still stacking, and now we have the product of this, and we’ve gotten used to it. I have a lot of minor things to complain about, but the reason why we’re content about the way our country works, overall, the reason why we put so much trust into our government is because it’s pretty well-working, in the end. Politicians, unlike a lot of other countries, can walk around like normal people in the streets, without being afraid of someone trying to stab them, with the very few exceptions being mentally ill people.

Basically, what I’m saying is: Call me a product of my environment, but in the end, this is probably the country I’d like to live in, for many reasons. But I’d also like some people from other cultures here, to even it out. Swedish people can get quite boring in the end, even if they are very functional and rational.

Oh well, enough ranting, I’m not even sure what I ended up with saying, except that I really like Fredrik Lindström ;P

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March 6, 2007 3 comments

Just so people know, I won’t be in Europe between April 9th and 17th, because I’ve just booked flight tickets to Israel 🙂


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