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Stress and longing

June 5, 2007 1 comment

So I’m sitting in school with a bit less than three hours until my history lesson starts, and I’ve barely started with my assignment. Without doubt it’ll be 85%+ finished if not entirely done if I work efficiently now, but I have to eat before, and it takes me a while to start working effieciently. Once I’ve posted this blog, however, maybe I’ll be able to focus, as I just need to vent a bit now.

Because of this stress, I haven’t written that many blog entries later, as I’ve been pretty much escaping reality the last few weeks. There was a History B assignment I just didn’t do, and now as I finish 11th grade on the 7th, I have to do a couple of assignments before the teachers set my grades in their respective subjects. I’m a master procastrinator, although IB has put a sort of mixed view in my head. I am used to doing stuff in the final hours before deadline, but the IB’s view on deadlines made me pretty much give up on my own ability of finishing things. It’s weird.

Either way, there’s also tons of different other things on my mind, including everything regarding the Amsterdam meet, making the TS more attractive to newcomers and getting rid of the elitist attitude in it. I gave up on trying to improve IRC after seeing Yael leave it because of publically accepted retardation, even coming from former ops.

Also, there’s several things I wish I could spend my time doing instead of going to school, I really wish I was just out of this system so I could get some projects of my own going instead. I don’t believe in the idea of “people with way too much spare time”, because it’s people who aren’t occupied with school, work or personal life 24/7 who manage to accomplish things they really are there to do. Unless you actually work with that task, which is when you’ve really won at life.

Either way, I should be sending out more CVs so I can try to get a summer job, I should be spending all my time doing random suck-up assignments to my teachers, etc etc.


I want summer to be here, and by summer, I mean July 27th, when I get to meet my love again.

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