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August 31, 2007 1 comment

So today, after Religion class, the IB class I spent the two first years of my “Gymnasietid” with finally got their IBO Diplomas that were very well deserved. Since my next lesson didn’t start until 15, I could spend an hour with them before that. I decided to do this mainly because I never really said bye to them when they graduated, mainly because of my regular absence last year of school ;P

So basically, people were wondering wtf I was doing there (lol) and if I was bitter/regretful over being there seeing them get their diplomas.  I answered no, truthfully. I am truly happy that I did get to do those two years of IB, it helped my English, let me meet some great friends, and taught me a lot of things in general.

However, I am also happy that I left the IB, for several reasons. First of all, I had been placed in a position where I could not finish my History Internal Assessment, due to spiritual reasons, which I can explain better in person, and if I didn’t get 5+ in History, there would have basically been no point for me to continue the IB. Second of all, the CAS Coordinator kept grabbing me and making me do all kinds of things so I wouldn’t make their precious grade point average go down. Third of all, the stress in the last year of IB would have driven med insane. Fourth of all, I now get to do all these kind of cool subjects like Philosophy, Religion etc. And most importantly, fifth of all, if I had still been in the IB last year, I probably would have never met, or at least have started this relationship.

So, all in all, in every way, I am quite pleased with how things have turned out for me. Looked at it all in hindsight, I am certain that God has been with me through all this, and has comforted and led me through it and I’ve come out as a stronger person afterwards. Am I bitter? “FUCK NO!” would have been a better answer.

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Pantokrator – King of Babylon

August 5, 2007 1 comment

How hath the oppressor ceased
The Golden city ceased
The Lord hath broken the staff of the wicked
And the sceptre of the rulers

Sheol is moved for thee
The kings of ancient times
Arise from the thrones of slumber
To pity thee in thy shame
Art thou also stripped of all pride and power?

How art thou fallen from heaven
O Lucifer son of the morning
Thou hast said in thine heart
I will ascend above the stars of God!

The worms is spread under thee
The maggots cover thee O king of pride
The least upon the earth feed upon the greatest

All the kings of the nations lie in glory
In their final resting place.
But thou, king of pride, is cast out of thine grave
Like an abominable branch
Like the raiment of the slain
Like a carcass trampled under feet
The seed of evildoers shall never be renowned
I will arise against thee saith the Lord
Rise like I rose once before
To cast out the spirit of pride
From the mountain of the north

How art thou fallen from heaven
O Lucifer son of the morning
Thou hast said in thine heart
I will ascend above the stars of God!

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