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Bus rides

Okay, so I’m going to start typing before I stop thinking, which is normally what happens when I get off the bus and arrive at my home. It’s interesting really how travelling and just generally being away from home lets you think a lot clearer than when you are. There’s something about the feeling of safety when you’re at home, I suppose, different thought patterns and energies and such.

Anyways, so I think I’m starting to unthaw to the idea of being more or less independent now, and perhaps breaking up isn’t the worst thing that can happen after all. I mean, yeah, I still love her, but honestly, I can love anyone I choose, as long as there are some basic agreements fulfilled. Honestly, this has probably taught my something about love that is the opposite of what the person that left me probably thinks – and that is that love is not complicated or random – it is not a sudden infatuation, it is a mindset, and simply the ability to not associate a person’s flaws with who they can be, who they really want to be and who they are. And I still wish you the best of luck in discovering that, Yael. I love you, and I love humanity.

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