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Frozen Yogurt

January 16, 2008 Leave a comment

So I’m now on one of those long breaks before school paper meet – quickly after which I’ll be leaving for my Latin teacher’s house for fika, which we’re doing instead of a lesson today. After that I’m going to a meeting with the technical group of Kornhill, and then I’ll probably skip home group to try to do something with my City and the Future Architecture assignment thing… *sigh*

 Today is Yael and mine’s would-be anniversary. Hmm… Maybe after today I’ll start being able to get over things and move on. But I’ll see, one day at a time.

 I’m expecting my Guitar Hero controller that I ended up ordering (for Wii), as well as the Saviour Machine Live in Deutschland 2002 DVD. Both will be loads of fun, tbh 🙂 Now I will resume sitting and doing nothing in wait for the school newspaper meeting to start. Take care.

 np: Summoning – Khazad-Dûm

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January 14, 2008 Leave a comment

So last night, after being pissed off at my recently purchased 50 4.38 GB DVD+Rs (because those last few missing MBs makes it unable to store whole seasons of any show, as well as a lot of ISOs), I decided I needed to take my mind off things. Not watch a thriller or something else that’d make me think even more, but just watch some light-hearted comedy. So, since people had mentioned it before, I decided to watch Superbad. Now, initially I didn’t think it’d be a very good movie with a name like that. I also thought that it might be another Napoleon Dynamite or something, with some endearing geeks off on some adventure.

So at about 1 am or so, I start the movie. Two hours later, the credits started to roll, and the moment they did, I turned the movie off. I don’t know quite what to say about the movie, really. I’d say it was shallow, but then people would say either that it’s just supposed to be light-hearted fun or that it has some sort of message of friendship in there. And sure, the underlying storyline is one of friendship. The only real plot that the story follows from start to end is one of two friends off to prepare sexually for college, and to do this they aim on getting laid. Now, the moment I realized that this was their goal, I started dreading for the movie, because anyone who knows me knows how much I despise the expression “getting laid” when it’s used in pretty much the same way as “eating pork” or “taking a dump”.

Something else I should have realized early on and then just turned off the movie, is that the movie, like so many other Hollywood comedies, has those scenes where the main characters make a total ass of themselves, repeatedly. I don’t know what it is with me, but I have a major problem when it comes to being ashamed for other people’s sakes. If someone else says something that sounds stupid, I’ll basically never look down on them for it or comment it, but I will feel like it’s my responsibility to feel bad for them just because someone has to. Sue me. Either way, if you also have this problem, you’d share my pain throughout this movie, at least the start of it.

Another extremely annoying thing, and probably the only thing that kept me watching in the first place, was that I had no idea when the movie was going to end, other than by standard knowledge of how long these types of movies normally run for. In the start, I thought that the party mentioned in the very start was going to happen somewhat soon, and fast, but the quest for liquor seems to go on FOREVER, and every single minute of the movie I kept thinking “it’s getting darker and darker and hours seem to have passed, aren’t the people at the party really pissed off by now?

The movie has very few laughs for me, I thought the main character’s childhood obsession with dicks was pretty funny, simply because the drawings were so ridiculously vivid and well made, and because of how the child actor looked. I also thought the whole McLovin thing as well as the liquor store scene was somewhat amusing. Aside from that, it wasn’t very funny at all. Really. Maybe my sense of humour sucks, but the rest were just random obscenities and humiliation/embarrassment based humour. Maybe some people find it hilarious to see other people get hurt or get into embarrassing situations, but for me, I always feel with the characters, as if I’m the one getting embarrassed. It must be something about how different people watch movies differently. Some people watch them to watch other people have things happen to them, I watch them to live myself into the people in the movies’ situations. Not always, but a lot of the times.

So basically, maybe I should’ve asked exactly why the many people who said they enjoyed this movie thought it was so good, because it definitely wasn’t my type of movie. Considering its subject (end of high school, needing to get laid, blah-di-blah-di-blah), I thought it’d at least be a somewhat clever movie, but in the end I didn’t quite see a point. I’ve always been one to point out that it’s weird how our society shuns any type of closeness or caring feelings between two men and instantly regarding it as GAY, but honestly, I didn’t quite know if the movie was making fun or simply being a bit homo when it came to a certain scene, as well as the ending. They could seriously have made this a bit more subtle for it to seem less like the sequel being Brokeback Mountain. I guess a movie is what you make it though, but the fixation to penises by one of the characters, as well as the Mr Garrison factor*, made me very curious about the fat guy’s sexual orientation.

Anyways, this review/rant has gone on way too long now, but if any of these feelings or reflections make sense to you, don’t watch this movie. Watch Reign Over Me instead, I enjoyed that movie much more, and it’s also quite funny, although it’s primarily a drama movie.

Superbad gets 3/10

*The Mr Garrison factor is where a male keeps talking desperately about heterosexual acts to the point where you start thinking he’s just doing it to hide the fact that he’s gay.


January 8, 2008 Leave a comment

So basically ever since I got this blog over a year ago, I’ve been anguished over the very limited amount of updates I write for it. Perhaps it’s because I’m a hopeless perfectionist when it comes to writing coming from my hands. Not that my work is very perfect when it does get published, but I guess I need to feel inspired in order to start typing, and I mostly get inspired when I’m not at home, or not relaxed. I get philosophical on bus rides, walks, while falling asleep, while disconnected, and all kinds of things like that. I just came back from my first school day of this year, and Tuesdays are awesome, it would seems. Hopefully we’ll… Well, mostly me, because blogs are basically ego trips anyways, and not that many people read this blog since the ones I’ve linked to it barely ever get anything new to read, and when I do post, it’s probably either something emo or some song lyrics with music they don’t want to listen to… Anyways, I and maybe you too will get to see more updates on Tuesdays, because I have Religion B and then Philosophy A right after each other, which is bound to produce some philosophical questions in me.

Anyways, as I said, school’s started again. It’s soon one year since I fell in love, and as I’m a hopeless symbolist and part supernaturalist, part huge sceptic/rationalist, I keep thinking about that as if it had some significance. I still feel guilty even looking at other women and concluding that they look good or that I like something about them. Either way, I’m starting to at least harvest some of the good parts of being alone, which is that I can focus on myself. I really need to focus on studies this year, which means that… yes, I’m going to promise to myself that I will not start playing any MMO until I have graduated. MMOs and girls are the biggest time thieves on this green(?) Earth.

I’ve also started thinking about what to do after school. I mean, I still do not at all get how I’d ever translate my interests into any profitable career other than becoming an author or possibly teacher, but I sometimes worry about having enough motivation to do that too. But at Livskraft (EFS’s New Year’s camp), I had a seminar with Loe (Lars-Olov Eriksson, specialist in the Old Testament), I got the idea to go to Johannelund Theological College’s Bible school in Uppsala. It’s like six months, allows me to get away from Halmstad for a bit, let me get to know new people, specializes in what I’m interested, which is the more theoretical theological parts of faith.

Hmm… So now that I’m not allowing myself to play any MMOs (The fact that Pirates of the Burning Sea kind of disappointed me helped me in that decision), I’ve taken up a Civilization IV addiction with lebo47 instead. It’s 5x as addicting as any MMO I’ve ever played is, but at least it ends. As far as gaming goes, I’m also undecided as to what to do with some of my remaining money. I could of course *save* it, but I’m not too sure… 😛 After Grottcon IX, I’m really craving some more Guitar Hero, which for the record beats Frets on Fire’s ass so much. Co-op Career mode is awesome, and I’m loving the whammy bar. However, if I’d get it for the Wii, it’d cost me like 500 SEK (with some help from Ntorrents), for single player only. Also, that’d only allow me to play GH3 and any upcoming games in the series. However, if I get a PS2 controller, I could play it at Michael’s house, since he bought the game yesterday. The PS2 controller is cheaper, and it can play Guitar Hero 1,2,3 and Rock the 80’s. The obvious problem is of course that I don’t have a PS2, so I’d have to either just play at my friend’s house, or that I buy a PS2, which both hurts economically and my anti-Sony fanboyism. I’m not so much a Nintendo or PC fanboy really as I am an anti-Sony-and-everything-they-stand-for fanboy.

Anyways, decisions, decisions. If you’re curious about the title of this blog entry, it was a subject of discussion today in Philosophy class, it means “beyond”. It was also the category to the right of this page in which I pressed login to write this entry. I found it fitting.

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