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Frozen Yogurt

So I’m now on one of those long breaks before school paper meet – quickly after which I’ll be leaving for my Latin teacher’s house for fika, which we’re doing instead of a lesson today. After that I’m going to a meeting with the technical group of Kornhill, and then I’ll probably skip home group to try to do something with my City and the Future Architecture assignment thing… *sigh*

 Today is Yael and mine’s would-be anniversary. Hmm… Maybe after today I’ll start being able to get over things and move on. But I’ll see, one day at a time.

 I’m expecting my Guitar Hero controller that I ended up ordering (for Wii), as well as the Saviour Machine Live in Deutschland 2002 DVD. Both will be loads of fun, tbh 🙂 Now I will resume sitting and doing nothing in wait for the school newspaper meeting to start. Take care.

 np: Summoning – Khazad-Dûm

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