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Happiness and Admiration

February 13, 2008 Leave a comment

Okay, so I better get random thoughts from my head into writing before the “finally home” feeling takes over the philosophical mood from bus rides. If I had a laptop, that’d mean either that I could write these things like every day when I actually have these thoughts, or it’d mean that I would never get these thoughts. I’m actually not sure which. Either way. I was in a very happy mood today, and it’s funny how things like discussing grammar with your Latin teacher and then with nlitement can make that happen. Worth noting is that when I get “happy”, it means that I’m very content, but I can still be in a serious mood whilst so. It’s a sort of… contentment about your own mood or state, rather than giddy unexplainable school girl joy. I rarely get the latter, in fact, and in some elitist way I’m happy about that. I mean, I saw a quite nice quote about that before going to sleep yesterday:

Admiration, n.: Our polite recognition of another’s resemblance to ourselves.

Ambrose Bierce (1842 – 1914), The Devil’s Dictionary

I mean, I was reflecting on blogs shortly on the way home. Blogging is so stupidly popular these days, and for most people, blogs just fulfilled the functions their diaries previously fulfilled. The difference, of course, lies in the public nature of blogs as opposed to personal diaries. So what does this mean in practise? Well, it means that those who write blogs either have to open themselves up for their readers and continue to basically write their diary. I admire those who can do this, as I do not have the courage to do that with every thought that I would put in a diary if I would choose to keep one. However, I think a lot of people don’t, and that’s why we have so many uninteresting blogs about what people did today and stuff like that. To paraphrase Maddox, blogging is to the mind what taking a dump is to the body. Unloading stuff somewhere so you don’t have to carry it around with you all the time. The main difference is that only dogs take a huge interest in crap, while blogs are widely read by humans all over.

So how does this relate to my quote earlier? Well, basically, I barely read other people’s blogs, because they write about stuff that doesn’t interest me, and most importantly: WAY TOO OFTEN. The blogs I do read are by people who have the same approach as me to blogging, namely that you should only write an entry when you have something to say. When thought this to myself, that quote echoed back to me from yesterday. I admire those who are like myself. Gah.

I guess it’s a self-sarcastic way of putting it, showing mankind as who they really are, egoistic bastards. Because that’s what we are, right? Well… I’m not so sure if I agree. Each person tries to understand the truth of the world they live based on their environment, and as they build a view of the world, bound by their own inner perception and thought filters, they try to find others who have built similar filters. So it’s really more about understanding than about egoism or trying to find a mirror. What is really more important in life to a person, than to be understood? To simply be able to share something with another person and both feel that they, for once, aren’t misunderstood? That is really the basis for human happiness, I dare to say.

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