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I wrote this title before I knew what I would write about

March 19, 2008 Leave a comment

I always feel like I have to be witty and think of something really cool that can summarize my blog post when I write the title, and since I usually rant in my blog entries, it’s a bit hard to know quite what a fitting title would be before I’ve written the conent of the entry. Hmm. Anyways, cool, now I have some text in my entry. Awesome, because I’ve wanted to write something here for a while now, but I also always feel like I have to have something profound and great to say when I make a new entry, but usually I don’t anyways, so that doesn’t matter…

Anyways, what am I up to, and what will I be up to? I got Super Smash Bros Brawl for Wii recently, and I’ve been playing it quite a lot. I have Easter break starting tomorrow afternoon, and during this weekend I’ll be responsible for projection during our Church’s Easter Conference. That means I’ll be out of town until Sunday, pretty much.

What else? Well, it’s spring, and with that comes lots of emotions that are nice when you think they are mutual, and make you want to kill rabbits when you don’t. (Edited)

Hmm… That’s about it. Once I’m back from the conference, I’ll be playing Brawl with friends, and then I’ll be at home, finishing my “Projektarbete”. I’m addicted to Raining Blood by Slayer this week. I like fries.

This entry sucks, but perhaps not every entry has to have deep philosophical meaning and/or serious and important implications. That’s a lesson I think I need to learn, and then perhaps I’ll actually write in my blog more than once every blue moon.

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