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Cool article – just don’t hate me

The Problem With Women Today

Very cool and most of all, hilarious, article. A lot of truths, if you *generalize*! To paraphrase the article’s author: There’s differences between people and between the sexes. So what this article describes is a mentality that has been brainwashed to women, to encourage a certain lifestyle. Note that this doesn’t mean I think all women are fit for being housewives just because they are reactive in their nature. That seems to be what people assume you think if you aren’t super pro-feminist.

I’d post a longer post, but I’ve philosophized so much today already with Fryslagg, Zooloo, Pawnator and Tombag that my mind is incredibly tired. I should go to sleep now.

And seriously, if you still think I’m a bad person for linking this on my blog – please just talk to me in person/IM, rather than thinking I’m an asshole and not saying anything.

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  1. Liza
    April 14, 2008 at 13:53

    You’re an asshole 😉

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