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How to deal with time

This next (first) paragraph, you can skim, it’s my starting line that I mainly wrote to start my mind on the philosophical track:

It’s interesting really. This is another one of those bus rides things, but really it’s the night that makes it for me. Yeah, I’m definitly a night person, simply because I get the most awake and aware when there is no natural light, or very little of it. Other people were complaining about the weather today because there was no sun out, but 9 times out of ten. I’m happy is there is no sun. My main problem with weather isn’t if it’s warm or cold, but if it’s BLOWING. The only time it’s cool if it’s blowing is if it’s a fucking STORM we’re talking about. Apart from that, fuck winds. Probably has to do with how skinny I am, the winds just pierce through my skin and makes my bones cold 😛

Anyhow, where was I going with this? Well, I dunno. With all the stuff I should be doing right now and with all the stuff I should do that could determine my future, I realize (as many times before) that I am a man of the now. Or no, I’m not, but I constantly wish or pretend that I am. In reality, I plan all the time. I think through in my head what I should be doing, plan exactly in what order I should do things and how I should go about them. Later. Because I never start the course of actions in my plans with the NOW, the now is always more important, and I also don’t plan what comes immediatly after the now, only what comes after that, probably. And by the time I’ve gotten to the thing after the now (if there ever is one that isn’t going to bed, I’ve entirely forgotten the plan I had in mind.

So yeah, it’s basically a different kind of living in the now and in the future. Some people plan out their day and carry it out, and never really think of the now. Some people just live in the now and plan their next action immediatly after they are done, and as such they live in the now and the near future, while they despise planning for the far future. Personally? I live in ALL of the past, especially the immediate past. I also live in the now, but I do *not* live in the near future, except when I really have to focus on something. But I almost always live in the distant future, meaning “tomorrow”, “next month” or even “in a few hours”. Just not “I’ll better start doing this now so I can actually do that thing”.

So why did I type this? For my own good, I need to think about it. But it might be interesting for other people to consider as well. I think all people need a balance of all these things. To appreciating the now and acting out in it. To understand and learn from the past, without dwelling in past mistakes or dreaming back to “the good old days”. And finally, to have plans in your life without constantly living in what you’re either about to do, or to procrastrinate everything into that pile of “far future” things that I tend to do. It’s a combination of my philosophical nature, my scatter-brained nature and forgetfulness and general feeling of escapism being a good strategy that are my main factors in causing my problems with how I dwell in this world. I’m sure most other people have their own share of problems in the balance between these things.

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  1. Liza
    April 17, 2008 at 22:44

    Just thought I’d share… When I plan, I usually plan to expect a certain result or consequence. It sometimes makes me feel better when I plan something with unexpected results.

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