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School’s Out

No more pencils
No more books
No more teacher’s dirty looks

Finally finished my last geography assignment like a few hours before deadline, and then… sent the wrong version to my teacher. I hope he can just put a grade anyhow, considering I don’t get my final grade paper until in a few months anyhow. Meh.

I could be more excited today, to be honest. I sort of miss school, both the lessons, but I’m sort of attached to parts of my class, in fact more than just one person. Oh well. Life goes on.

Going to my childhood friend/neighbour’s wedding tomorrow, and I’m sure I’ll be more cheery after that. I watched the Hipp-Hipp Christmas Special because I found the CD randomly, and it ended so happily, but then Itzak himself had to end the entire thing by jokingly mentioning someone who happened to have that certain name…

Doesn’t matter. So I counted yesterday. 11 MVGs, 10 VGs, 6 Gs, 4 IGs. +/-1 or so. But all of the IGs will be corrected over summer, transferring into more MVGs and VGs, most probably, as is the case with one of the Gs (Culture history). The end grade paper won’t look too shabby at all, considering how much time I spent in school in 2007 (basically none at all, that is).

South Park, House and Supernatural are all on hold until autumn, I finished watching the only existing 9 episodes of Pushing Daisies (great show), and that continues in autumn as well. Doctor Who is really the only show on at the moment. What the hell I will do all day during summer, I don’t know. I’ll have to try desperately to be social, but I’ll be home when everyone else is at work. Hmm.

I finally discovered Finntroll, beyond Trollhammaren so to say. Quite an amazing band tbh. And the demo version of Eternal Wait is almost better than the original 🙂

This must be such a shitty blog entry to read, I’m just crapping out of my fingers, which I suppose is what a lot of bloggers do, except they do it daily. I rarely get into this mood where I just need to ventilate… Or actually, scratch that, but recently I’ve been playing Guitar Hero or something else useless like that to dispose of that. Yay for constantly knowing one’s own psychological defense mechanisms and yet doing nothing to stop them.

I’m moving out from here on Friday, but I’ll be packing down things and moving things to Kornhill even before that. I’ve been feeling like I need to say farewell to random trees, my house, and everything like that. As for the people, I’ll see Svenssons and Michael and his family occasionally. Beyond that? I don’t know anyone in this village. Or well, I do, but they might appear at my graduation/good bye party on Thursday. How that will turn out, I don’t know. I’m happy my mom takes care of that.

I got into Johannelund’s Bible School. What this means is that I’ll most probablylive in Uppsala starting September 1st or something like that. It starts the day after, so somewhere around there at least ;P I haven’t confirmed yet though, and I’ve yet to find out if I have a room guaranteed there, which is a key thing I’ll need to know before accepting. I also have until December 15th to decide if I want to do the second semester. I will never get over that word, by the way. Semester means vacation in Swedish, so that’s not really the same meaning at all ;P

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