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Studenten – Graduation

Yesterday I woke up at 6.30 to dress and get ready for the champagne breakfast at Johanna’s. As I arrived, however, turns out the only other person who was there early was Mimmi, and we had to wait around for the rest of the class for almost an hour. Food came late too ;P

In school, we took photos, were entertained by our teachers and such, were pronounced graduates, and then we got our grades, although I get my final grades later. As we won the Melody Festival, we got to go first out to greet our parents, and then we rode first on the Hay wagon things. I was wearing a shirt and a black jacket, although no tie.

As we went first, we arrived a bit early, so we had to stand around waiting for over an hour before we could do the march to Norre Katt’s Park. But wow, going first of all in the procession was quite an experience… Just a sea of people, must’ve been at least 10, 000 people gathered in a small area. Then the class randomly disintegrated in the park, and it was a bit weird. Went home to await people coming to hug me and give me gifts and talked for like 6 hours… Then I asked my sister if she could drive me to Johanna’s again to the pre-party there. I felt I needed some closure with my class, who I’ve only really learnt to enjoy being with in the past month or two… They were always nice people, it’s just that Swedes need some serious social lubricant to talk with people they don’t know much yet, and the name of that lubricant is “alcohol”.

So yeah… Moving today, it’s weird. Feels like I’m entering a new era of my life, as I’m moving, done with school, start working… It’s going to be fun though!

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