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Early Midsummer day morning

I’m a morning person now. Yeah, if you know me, you know that’s not true in the usual sense of the word. But as I work nights now, I am up and doing things between 6 and 8 or so every morning, as I am now. I did not work tonight, but I woke up at 18.30, so I have only been up for just over twelve hours so far, and it’s 06.00 now.

I finished watching Wonderfalls, and I concluded that I’ve now watched every aired episode of Bryan Fuller’s shows, namely Dead Like Me, Wonderfalls and Pushing Daisies. Of those three, only the latter has been a commercial success, and will therefore be continued for a second season. Wonderfalls only got to air 13 episodes, and Dead Like Me got two seasons. All this while Days of our Lives has to date aired almost 11,000 episodes. But then again, some of these shows might’ve lost their charm after a few more seasons, I suppose. Also, I would be a slave to the television. Being able to download complete seasons of a series and watch them in a row makes me do things like this.

A little timeline for my interest in Bryan Fuller’s series goes as follows: I was at my grandma’s one day, in what I think must’ve been December 2006, as I catch a random episode of Dead Like Me, then watch like two more episodes, but then as I go home, I forget about it. Then in the last week of school (last year, June 2007), as I was supposed to write an essay about the Roman Empire, I remember the name of that cool show I had watched, and so I download both seasons. That made me change my entire sleeping pattern at the time, and of course miss the History assignment, although in the end it wouldn’t have done much good anyways. This is besides the point though. After I had watched both seasons of the series, I felt kinda like I do now, a little empty. Then basically, Tombag told me a few weeks ago about his friend in school who was watching this show called Pushing Daisies, made my the creators of Dead Like Me. So I download an episode, but thanks to the damned WGA strike, they only got out 9 episodes in the first season. So I downloaded Wonderfalls two days ago to have something to watch this weekend, and well… I watched all of them except the very first one in the past 30 hours or so I think.

Yeah. Just felt I should tell that story in case anyone was interested. I know you’re supposed to keep readers interested by keeping to the point, making things fun to read and so on, but well… I’m kinda writing partly for my own sanity, so I’m making a compromise, okay? I write what I feel like but try to make it read as interesting as possible instead 😛

Maybe I should go on to say what my past few weeks have been like. I moved into the room in Kornhill, and it’s quite nice. It’s about the size of my old room, and has a lot of the stuff I had before. But, I now have a sofa and a TV on my room, which I used to do the above mentioned crazy episode watching streak. As I don’t exactly have a normal sleeping pattern anymore, I also get hungry at weird times, so I was happy to find out Max (a hamburger restaurant about 15 minutes by bike away) closes at 01.00 every day, meaning I can get a proper meal if I don’t have something to cook at home after the stores have closed. The bad part was that I of course thought putting the drink in the bag with the other stuff was a great idea, so when I got back here, all the fries were drenched in Coca Cola. Yum… … I ate most of them anyways, I just put some dip on them.

Uhm… Other than that, I didn’t do any dancing around any symbols of Freyr or any other fertility gods’ penises today like many Swedes, my family doesn’t really celebrate Midsummer. That’s partly because it’s pagan and such, and partly because in general, our family just can’t be arsed to do things like celebrating. It’s not our thing, really. And I’m usually not too bothered about that, either.

Work is settling in now. I basically got no complaints the past few days at all. Well, last night I had a complaint from the night before because I accidentally gave one house Kyrkans Tidning (The church’s paper) instead of Hallandsposten (our local newspaper), but I can’t see how that’d be a huge problem… At least she got something to read, hehe. My leg muscles are going to be so trim by the end all this (early August).

That’s about it. What’s happening next is pretty much Metaltown the coming Friday. I have that day off from work too, so it’s cool. Going with Karolina, Daniel and Arvid, and it’s gonna be fun to do something social and different, after all this work, even though cycling through the night has many charms. And actually, I was supposed to mention earlier, I think I’ve done more cycling in the past two weeks than ever before in my life… I mean, there is all of grade four to six to take in account, to and from school, but that’s 20 minutes worth of biking per day, and now I do it for 4 hours per day, not counting the extra trips… Hmm… I’m gonna have to do some number crunching on that, but YOU GET THE POINT I WAS TRYING TO MAKE 😛

Uh. Uh. So yeah, that’s all. It’s now 7 am, and I might watch a movie or take a shower or play a game or something that isn’t sleeping. Wee.

PS. And yes, I still can’t pick which blog design I wanna have, it’s most probably got to do with me also not deciding what I wanna do with my life atm 😛 DS.

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