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Summer update

July 19, 2008 Leave a comment

So basically I’ve been meaning to write a new blog entry for ages now, but I haven’t found the right moment to.

Since my last updates, a few things have happened. Me, Daniel, Karolina and Arvid went to Metaltown in Gothenburg to see Finntroll, Amon Amarth and a few other bands. Or well, for me, those were the two interesting bands 😛 Was an awesome weekend, pictures are in my Facebook (taken by Karro). It also helped start my new Finntroll obsession, although that is not the only band I’ve gotten into.



You see, with my summer job as a paper boy, I go through about 3 albums per night, sometimes 4. That means I’ve managed to go through Finntroll’s discography a few times now, so I felt I had to listen to new bands and albums. So far, I’ve listened to albums by the following bands (only listing ones that I haven’t already listened to much since before):

  • Vintersorg (3 albums so far)
  • Otyg (2 albums)
  • Borknagar (2 albums)
  • Battleroar (1 album)
  • MĂ„negarm (5 albums)
  • Amorphis (1 album)
  • South Park the Movie Soundtrack
  • Falkenbach’s older albums
  • Blind Guardian’s older albums
  • Iced Earth’s older albums
  • Hollenthon’s new album
  • Rhapsody (3-4 albums)
  • Stream of Passion (ugh, it got old after a while)
  • Summoning (4 albums)
  • System of a Down (Yeah… Hmm.)
  • Thyrfing’s Valdr Galga
  • Tvangeste (It’s been some time since last)

And quite a bit more. I also intend to get into Arcturus and Windir eventually. Anyways, apart from that, I also went to Grottcon X with Karro and Daniel, where we basically just played Rock Band and Brawl all day and night. I’ve actually started to like the Rock Band guitar. Originally I went with the flow and decided I hated it, but after being forced to use it a bit, I got quite good with it.

Grottcon X

Grottcon X

Right now I’m at Halmicon, in the reception desk, as I got free entry for helping out. It’s basically a gaming convention, without computers (aside from this one 😛 ) and with a lot of board games and consoles. Been playing in Brawl tournaments and I’ve played a bit of Guitar Hero and retro Sega games as well.

At home I’ve been fiddling with Homebrew for my Wii, including trying to get Linux to work on it. The homebrew community seems to be very close to unlocking the full potential of the Wii, including running an operating system, playing DVDs and using it as a working media center! I can’t wait.

Anyways, that’s about it. Right now I’m looking forward to meeting Tom, Andrew, Percival and the others in London in less than three weeks 🙂

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