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The UK Meet and last goodbyes to Halmstad

August 27, 2008 3 comments

I really haven’t updated my blog nearly as much as I imagined I would this summer… Anyways, since my last update, I’ve finished work, gone to England and am now moving to Uppsala the upcoming Monday to start Bible school.

To summarise work… It’s weird how quickly you get into a habit and it stops feeling novel to you. During the time I worked I’ve managed to watch over half of all the Tom Baker Doctor Who stories and every single episode of Wonderfalls. I also watched Dr Horrible and Winding Gear (finally), as well as several random episodes of the other series I’ve been following. I’ve eaten a lot of toast with cheese,  which I doubt I’ll afford when I live in Uppsala…

I also went to London for the Pure Pwnage UK Fan Meet. The journey both ways actually went really smooth for once! See this thread for more, pictures start around post #781… For Techno-Ninja’s Hi-res pictures, see this link. For the lazy, here’s a few pics from there:

Haku, Me, Zanzibar (Ian), Skree (Andrew) and Virus52 (Andrew)

From left to right: Haku, Me, Zanzibar (Ian), Skree (Andrew) and Virus52 (Andrew)

Zanzibar (Ian), Skree (Andrew), Haku (we still dont know his name), Me and techno-ninja (Kayliegh)

From left to right: Zanzibar (Ian), Skree (Andrew), Haku (we still don't know his name), Me and techno-ninja (Kayliegh)

Virus52, ben(age) and Tom(bag)

Caught two people from the second day at the British Museum! From left to right: Virus52, ben(age) and Tom(bag)

( - Oh well... its DDR ffs.

The only decent photo of Zooloo, as he was the only one with a DIGITAL camera on the Saturday... It's me and Zooloo (Percival) attempting DDR... I won that round, but when Zooloo stopped, Skree tried and beat me twice 😩 - Oh well... it's DDR ffs.

After the actual meet, I went to Andrew’s house and stayed for three nights. I don’t have any pictures, but it was in Worthing outside Brighton, and it was very nice! His family (and his dog Barney) are lovely, and it was nice to hang out with someone from the community without rushing around a major town all the time.

When I got home, it turned out my parents finally bought a house, so if I go back to Halmstad after going to Bible school, I’ll have a place to stay. In the past few weeks I’ve also said goodbye to various people in Halmstad at various occasions. I had a small meetup with people from church, I had another meetup with people from last year’s school newspaper group, another with the people I went to Metaltown with (Karolina, Daniel, Arvid), along with Frans and some others, since it was a combined “good bye” thing with Daniel’s birthday in a few weeks. Then finally I played board games with Carolin, Alfred, Michael and his girlfriend’s sister’s boyfriend this weekend, and managed to play half a round of Arkham Horror. One day, I will play it until the end, and by the end I do not mean meeting the Ancient One 😩

Alright, so that’s basically what I have time to mention now. I’ll do another update when I’m at Johannelund, probably!

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