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Words from the wilderness of Uppsala

October 3, 2008 1 comment

Anyone who has tried to check my blog for updated in the past 5 weeks or so will not have found much of interest . I have at many occations thought of doing something about this, but time and internet restrictions have made me procrastinate like with so many other things in my life.

Anyways, as I’ve mentioned before, I am in the middle of the Bible school course at Johannelund, and that also means that I have moved from Halmstad to Uppsala. I’m still getting used to the latter, but I quite enjoy living here.

The Bible school itself is awesome, especially considering it is situated in a theological college for priests of the EFS or the Swedish Lutheran Church. That means many theological discussions, new viewpoints and a happy Peter. In general, I’ve simply been more busy with RL than I think ever before 😛

I decided after only two days that it would take a tremendous amount of energy to both handle this and my position as administration at Pure Pwnage at the same time, so I quickly retired, although with a chance of returning later… I still visit the forums, IRC and TS, although much more seldom than before. I will also be online on MSN/Gtalk every so often, so this is by no means a good bye.

So anyways, at the time of writing this (with pen, on paper), I am currently at a place outside Uppsala (actually worryingly close to Knutby 😛 ) to do what’s commonly called a “retreat“. That means I have only brought clothes, bathroom stuff, some money and keys to this place and have stayed for 3 days. The food is excellent, I’ve slept 10 hours per night and no one except the leaders gets to speak (well, that’s what was agreed anyways), although we have sung at a few occations. It’s an interesting experience for sure. We finally get to break the silence in about an hour and a half.

Hmm… I’m sure by the time I can post this later tonight, I’ll want to add more, or remove large portions of the above for that matter. Usually if I write an unfinished text and continue it later, I never actually end up posting it at all, because the words in it don’t fully correspond to how I am feeling at that later moment. Once it is posted, however, I can live with this other representation of me being there, but not when it is there as easily editable, not yet publicised, text.


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