Blind Guardian and Demons & Wizards

So yeah, I’m going to save whatever video/audio I can find hosted here by my two favourite bands. If you want to get high quality versions of the official music videos, you should go to Curufin’s Blind Guardian rarities page.

I’ll start with some YouTube stuff – Here’s the latest music video by Blind Guardian, it’s really good for being a music video in my opinion. I’ll probably put up an analysis on this song when I have the time, but I like how there’s a story in the video that fits so well with the lyrics, as opposed to most other music videos I’ve seen.

Blind Guardian – Another Stranger Me

Here’s the only music video I know of by Demons & Wizards, Hansi’s band with Jon Schaffer from Iced Earth. The video is called Terror Train and is about Blaine the Pain from the Dark Tower book series by Stephen King, which I have yet to read. The best thing about this song is how the guitars sound like a train during the entire song.
Demons & Wizards – Terror Train

Those are the two freshest videos by the bands, but I’ll continue to put some live songs and other music videos I’ve found from this point. Don’t forget to watch the last one if you didn’t like the others 😉

The next video is a live version of a song from Blind Guardian’s album “A Night at the Opera”, and it’s one of their best ones. It’s about Nietzsche the Atheist/Nihilist’s death and what he may have thought and experienced.

Blind Guardian – Punishment Divine (live)

The next song is also a live song, one of their best ones in fact. A lot of the songs on Blind Guardian’s three first albums are great, but Hansi’s voice didn’t do them justice at the time. Thankfully, he has since trained his voice and is now the best metal vocalist I know of. Here it is:

Blind Guardian – Welcome to Dying (live in Stuttgart 2002)

Another classic Blind Guardian song that is kickass live, it’s about Frodo and the Lord of the Rings as might be expected. Hilarious start on this song too, especially as this is the very first song on BG’s first album.

Blind Guardian – Majesty (live)

This song is THE most famous Blind Guardian live song, although probably on par with The Bard’s Song when it comes to fan popularity. It’s about the Vikings having a religious crisis when they encounter “the highest God”…

Blind Guardian – Valhalla (live)

This is from the album “Tales from the Twilight World”, and it’s another awesome live song by Blind Guardian, I can’t get the intro guitar out of my head!
Blind Guardian – Lost in the Twilight Hall (live)

This is the last live song I’ll put up at this time, but this is probably one of my all-time favourite Blind Guardian songs, and it’s quite kickass live too! It’s about a Crusader who reflects upon his actions in the Holy Land. Very powerful chorus, and the “Crucify” part is the best part of the entire song ;D

Blind Guardian – The Script for my Requiem (live)

Here’s a song from The Forgotten Tales, a collection of more or less serious covers and re-recordings on one CD. This is a pretty funny music video, actually:

Blind Guardian – Mr. Sandman

AND FINALLY, the song you’ve all been waiting for, the best ballad ever written by the band: The Bard’s Song (In the Forest)! Yes, “In the Forest” is a part of the actual song title. It’s a new studio version of it which is great, although every version I’ve ever heard of this song is great too ;D

Blind Guardian – The Bard’s Song (In the Forest)

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