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The future of this blog

January 4, 2010 Leave a comment

That sounds like a dramatic title, didn’t it?

I’m not considering stopping my blogging, quite the opposite. I have, however come to think more and more about the way I view my blog. When I started writing here back in 2006, it was all in English, and it was mainly about my life in school, music and gaming. That’s not really what I use it for these days. Also, in 2006, most of my friends and blog readers were English-speaking or at least not Swedish. While I have no idea who my blog readers are now (apparently most of them are still people who google “Whore of Babylon”), most of them are probably not people with English as their mother tongue. I’ve also started talking a lot more in Swedish in the past 2 years or so, which has come to mean that I think a lot more in Swedish than earlier. I’m also realizing that despite my knowledge in English, it will always be my second language.

Because of all this, I’ve written a few blog entries here and there in Swedish, starting in May last year. However, I’ve tried to continue writing a few general blog entries every so often in English, as well as a few theological ones. But I’m realizing that trying to please everyone might hinder the potential and purpose of the blog, as I see it. What exactly that purpose is, I’m not sure about, but I guess I want it to be an outlet for my thoughts on theology and things I find important. Not a diary, but more of a “public notepad”, as I’ve called it on in my blog’s byline. I’m not entirely comfortable with that expression, but whatever.

The point I’m trying to make is this: I’ll probably write more and more entries in Swedish, but I might write English ones every so often as well. If I want this blog to ever be a part of the… I shudder to use the word… “Blogosphere”, a bilingual blog does not really stand a chance. Swedish people seem quite uncomfortable reading things in English, and to be honest I think I get uncomfortable reading Swedish people’s comments in English… So I think more Swedish entries is the way to go. Whether or not I will change the overall language of the blog, I’ll see.

But I’m starting to accept that I’m slowly becoming less international in my lifestyle, as well as less digital. This does not exactly mean I’m moving to the countryside and won’t answer calls, but it means I’m being more social with real people, I’m not playing as many games, I don’t listen as much to my MP3 player, and countless other little things. I’m also a bit ambivalent about the development of the blog culture. I’m against the 24/7 Online “Twitter culture” in theory, as well as in my own life, but I do appreciate the technology. I also find myself complaining when other people are not as accessable online as I’d want them to… I vehemently hate fashion blogs and things similar to it, for example. Maddox said: “If minds had anuses, blogging would be what the mind would do when it had to take a dump”. Wise words. I will probably never make a habit out of writing blog entries more than a couple of times per month at most, but I do want to spend more time actually writing things here.

So as I grow and develop, so might my blog. As I mentioned briefly in my last entry, I am learning to review my writing more. I’m actually going to go through this post before I publish it, something I was against before. However, I think it saves trouble both for me and my readers, and will be something I need to learn if I am ever to write books or similar in the future. Spur-of-the-moment articles might be good every now and again, but perhaps they aren’t always the best way to go. Without refining, Maddox’ definition of blogging would indeed be true for my blog as well, and I’m not sure that’s what I want to strive towards.