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Reflections on Israel and more

June 4, 2009 Leave a comment

This blog post was written about 7 hours ago. There have been no edits until the line in the end, promise! Here goes:

I’m sitting here in Budapest Airport, listening to Misty Edwards while waiting for the gate to open. Johan just decided to try to get some more sleep, but as I found a power outlet, I decided I could take the opportunity to actually write an entry for the blog in ENGLISH. Yes, it’s been a while now. But I’ve wanted to wait for a time when I’ve actually had some thoughts to put forward.

So I’ve spent the past week in Israel, with Johan and Sarah. It’s the third time for me in Israel and Jerusalem, but this is the first time it’s been my trip. Wait, no, that’s not right. This is the first time it’s been entirely God’s trip. The first time it was my parents’ trip. The second time, it was Yael’s trip. This time, however, I was able to dedicate the whole thing to God.

And how God has led us through this trip! The miracle while checking in at Arlanda, when the woman behind the desk managed to fix the technical problem with printing our boarding passes ”miracle” was her words). How smoothly we found a sherut minibus to Jerusalem immediatly upon exiting the airport (some people have to wait several hours). The dreams Sarah had the second night of our visit, which all got their intepretation within the week. The way we’ve been lead to so many incredible meetings with people. The fact that we pulled off the rental car trip to the Gallilee despite every hope seemed to be gone. How we managed to be away from STI only during the day when a man was murdered right outside it. The protecting, mighty hand of God was noticable throughout the entire trip. Hallelujah!

I think it will take years for me to understand what God has done inside me during this trip, but what’s become clear is that it’s probably not my last trip to the country. I think God wanted to educate me, to support Sarah and Johan, to prepare me for coming things in my studies and walk with God, and many other things.

It was a great experience to meet people from the Messianic Jewish communities in Israel. It was also very interesting to see how Christian and Muslim Palestinians view the situation, and especially to see Islam ias it works n a position where it is a larger minority than it is in Sweden at the moment. Celebrating a Shabbat dinner made by Sarah was a really nice experience, as was going to an Ultra-Orthodox Synagogue in Mea She’arim later that night… I also got a closer look on the semi-idolatry practiced by both the Catholic and the Orthodox and indeed most of the noticable Christian groups in Jerusalem, and I noticed that the people who seem most secular are the Christians… A shame.

Photos of the entire trip are uploaded on Facebook, although I might put up a few here for those without Facebook…

Anyways, when I get back to Johannelund, I have about 2 days before I move out of my room and take the train back to Halmstad. I had some sort of hope of completing my Exegetical assignment before the deadline while in Israel, but that didn’t really happen, as God had other plans for me during that trip… I’ll see what happens with that. I got into Johannelund, so I am less concerned about that course now I suppose, but I will still try to finish it. When I get home, I will work for 5 weeks, including all of July and a week in August. Money is welcome.

Hmm… That’s about all I can muster to write at the moment. After having slept about 1,5 + 1,5 hours tonight and then walked through the streets of Budapest for like 3 hours, I am a bit exhausted… Boarding the plane in about an hour and a half.


Okay, so now I’m home, great to be home. Ate some, talked to Ingrid and other people. Gonna shower and sleep, then clean my room tomorrow. Gaaaah.

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