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Being freed from sin

September 5, 2010 1 comment

A few years ago, the gaming community “Pure Pwnage” was a huge part of my life, and it remains a part of my life that is dear to me. However, since mid-2008, I haven’t frequented it much, but I made a reply to a specific question I was asked by a “theistic satanist” on the boards. I wrote the reply, and thought I might post it here as well, in case anyone else would be interested in it 🙂

Out of interest why do you feel Jesus frees you? Is it the high amount of sins you’re not supposed to commit or have? The thought of having to go to church every Sunday?

Well, first of all, we have very different concepts of sin. According to today’s society, “sin” is basically synonymous with “fun”. This definition derives from various Puritan and policing movements that have claimed association with the teaching of Christ in various ways. The very original sin from which all other sin derives is the idea of taking the judging of good and evil into our own hands, and making ourselves gods. This mindset has driven and is still today driving people, perhaps especially religious people, to “police morality” from above, to force people into various standards of morality. This is not what Jesus did – He served people, and searched for the broken and rejected to heal them and restore them into the life they were meant to have – but only if they WANTED TO! This behaviour is supposed to be the model for the Church today, but unfortunately we’re not that great at following it as a whole…

So, I don’t deny that believers in Christ have, throughout the ages, done horrible things in the name of Christ, including murder, torture, lies and all other kinds of sin. I confess that *I* have done horrible things in the name of Christ throughout my life. Confessing such acts and turning away from it is part of following Christ.

Anyways, to get back to your question, I define sin differently from the common thought. I see sin as a disease, a black cancer on the creation that God made us to be. I might add that I do not think the first humans were absolutely perfect, as evolution shows. However, I do think the relationship to God that the first “life-breathed” Homo Sapiens had, was intact and whole, until they, however many, went their own way, collectively.

This is sin, to turn away from the source of Life Himself, and instead to rely on oneself. It’s not the image of an obsessive parent trying to micro-manage our lives, and then gets mad when we stay out past 9 pm or something. That’s not the sort of control or the kind of relationship God wants to have with us.

A better picture of God and Man is that of a father and a young son (or mother and daughter) out on a hike together, and walking in moderate distance from a deep ravine, when all of a sudden the son runs away, starts tumbling down the slope, hurting and bruising himself in various ways. The father cries out, tries to stretch out his hand, while the son refuses, instead deciding to jump further down. As this happens, the father climbs further down, all for the love of his son, who would never survive without the support of his father. It’s not about control, it’s about love.

So why do I say that Jesus has freed me? Well, as I said, I define as sin all the things in my life that separates me from a true and real view of myself, from a loving and harmonic view of all others and most of all, the beautiful, living, colourful relationship with God I’m supposed to have. As for what particular actions exemplify sin, I’m have no reason to list – it’s the heart attitude that Jesus is most of all after (see Matthew 5), and then it is the job of the Holy Spirit to convict believers of these things in their own lives. Only in close relationships between believers are we to “judge” or rather discern sin in each others lives, with love, and not with condemnation. But it is not my job as a Christian to point out to non-believers what I find to be sin.

But the attitudes that lie behind our actions are really the root of all evil. Egoism, hatred, judgement, desiring after things that aren’t mine to desire (be they people or things), and all other things of self-indulgence that only leads to further egocentrism. All these things, I abhor.

But my faith, trust, life, love in and for Jesus Christ as the one who defeated sin, death and suffering with his self-sacrificial love poured out by his death on the cross, has, is, and will continue to restore these broken relationships in my life. Being continually saved/healed from my sins, frees me to love others as Christ has loved me. And that is the ultimate expression of freedom that a human being can experience: to love others in the same ways and that Christ loved us. It’s a life project, but it is SO WORTH IT.

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